St. Matthew Church - Glendale Hts., IL

There are many reasons to use online giving!

  • Forget your envelope? Use Online Giving to keep up on offertory. it’s quick and easy. Your support throughout the year helps sustain our church.
  • Make giving easier. Visit your church website on your mobile device, click the Online Giving link, and begin giving. Your support throughout the year helps sustain our church.
  • Manage gi­fts. Another easy way to manage your church giving is with Online Giving. You can manage your giving or give a one-time gift- right from your phone. Visit our church website and click the Online Giving link and register with our church. Your support during the year helps sustain our church.
  • Safety. In times when there are concerns about exposure to disease or spreading of a virus, Online Giving is a convenient option to continue to support your church and its mission. Whether you are attending weekly mass at the parish or worshiping at home, your vital support can still happen regardless of where you are.

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